Top Movies Like “Prisoners”

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Prisoners is really a thriller about an eager father crossing all of the lines to protect his family. It’s an intense experience where in fact the suspense never lets up. Prisoners is a superb puzzle that unravels slowly to reveal its depth. Every one of these parts add up to a gut-wrenching story that will stick with you for an extended time. If you’re on these pages, it most likely implies that you’ve already watched it and are looking for various other films like Prisoners.Let’s have a look.

  1. Se7en

I’d say that’s it more of a horror movie when compared to a thriller. The mood is defined from the beginning. It’s intense and dark, sucking all of us in from the very first moment. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, Se7en is definitely one of the very most well-written and inventive films to ever come out. The pair of Brad Pitt and Freeman is the best cop pair ever. Brad had a rare possiblity to play greater than a pretty boy, and he did it with perfection. The film never resorts to Hollywood movie clichés, staying dedicated to the narrative and the message it really wants to convey. The story remains fascinating throughout, never straying towards irrelevant issues. Se7en unravels pretty slowly while remaining entertaining and shocking once we reach towards the seventh sin, which completely fits the circle of events that begun with the first.

  1. Zodiac – One of the most untraditional movies like Prisoners

The film begins from the killer’s prospective once we see him wandering around the San Francisco Bay area and carrying out murders. The early footages certainly are a bit disorienting compared to the rest of the movie. You’d find some parts of it to be intensely creepy. The gloomy weather has been used to its maximum potential by director David Fincher to incorporate more scare to an already creepy movie. Even as we move towards the latter half of this movie, the focus shifts on the investigations to locate this mysterious killer – an investigation that also even today has not reached a conclusion.

  1. The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo

An exceptionally dialoged driven movie has finally made it to the list. Be prepared for lots of talking. It’s very similar to Zodiac, yet way more engrossing. Perhaps you have already watched the initial movie? Even although you have, give this remake a go, and you’d still find yourself getting sucked to the story. Even though my loyalty remains with the Swedish version, I’ve to say that it Fincher’s version is miles ahead visually. The cinematography is infallible. From the long drives on the snow to amazing sceneries, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo remains a watch candy.

  1. The Game – One of the best movies like Prisoners

I have experienced my share of thrillers all my life, good and bad. But hardly any of these have ever come even near to The Game when it comes to entertainment value. It’s an intelligent tale, kind of a brain teaser filled up with twists and turns to get you on a roller-coaster ride until credits roll. It’s one particular movies where suspense never lets up. There is something for anyone here. No real matter what types of movies you prefer, you will love watching this puzzle unravel at a slow pace. If you are like me, you’ll have your eyes stuck on screen to learn what actually happened.

  1. Gone Baby Gone

Based on the book Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone was the very first ever film directed by Ben Afflek, who also wrote the plotline with Aaron Stockard. Starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan, it’s is really a thriller about a missing four-year-old girl and the dark mystery surrounding it. It provokes the question of what can you say is right and what is wrong, pitting you in challenging between moral absolutes and situational ethics.

  1. Memories Of Murder – A South Korean movie like Prisoners

South Korean thrillers aren’t my cup of tea. I see them too slow paced for my taste. Memories Of Murder, however, is definitely an exception. No, it’s not just a fast-paced movie by any means. Nevertheless the slowness is what makes it better than 90% of the American thriller out there. You’ll need to be patient with it to enjoy the movie. The very first hour or so is full of comedy where all the type development and plot develop is taken care of. Nevertheless the latter half, especially the haunting climax, is what makes this movie one of the greatest South Korean thrillers of most time. San-Kung Kim and Kang-ho Song are brilliant because the cop team who don’t think the exact same way about solving a crime. And it’s this that makes them fun to watch on screen. Recommended to anyone who’s up for a slow burn movie.

  1. True Detective – One of the best TV shows like Prisoners

If you’re more into your traditional action movie where no such thing exists as character development, you must avoid True Detective at all costs. The very first number of episodes are about character development, gathering a solid base for a tear-inducing climax.On he other hand, if you love lengthy, deep dialogues in your movies with some convincing performances, watching True Detective should be considered a no-brainer. I can’t even consider a present or movie such as this hitting the screen in recent years. The southern ambience and incredible cinematography sucks you in from the phrase go.Talking about performances – they are just great. Even small parts per perfectly cast. And the two leads – they are as convincing and likeable as a detective team since it gets. Watching them trying to solve a ritual murder while they try to obtain along with each other is captivating.

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