Top Movies Like Chocolat


Starring: Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Lena Olin, Alfred Molina

Chocolat is a film as sweet as the title may recommend. Set in a rustic, subdued French town, it stars Juliet Binoche as newcomer Vivienne, who opens a chocolatiers with an end goal to shake up local people. Nourishment assumes a huge part, at the title may recommend, yet the film basically investigates the all-inclusive subjects of adoration and a scan for significance and satisfaction.

  1. Amelie


Starring: Jean‐Pierre Jeunet

Jeunet’s Amelie (look at some awesome comparable motion pictures here) is a shocking film, featuring Audrey Tatou as the title character; a young lady who works in a Parisian bistro by day and abides her extra time subtly and amiably moving the lives of people around her. It’s a wonderful, offbeat piece, considering on adoration, life and making the most of life’s little delights. Like ‘Chocolat’, ‘Amelie’ exists in a kind of parallel dream universe. Jeunet takes incredible pride in showing modern‐day Paris as a thing of extraordinary magnificence, similarly as ‘Chocolat’ depicts the disengaged French town at its inside as a character all by itself.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love


Starring: Ryan Murphy

In view of the book of a similar name, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is about self‐discovery, with Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) setting out on a global excursion looking for significance. Her voyage takes her crosswise over landmasses, where she finds out about – as the title recommends – the substances of good nourishment, supplication, and genuine love. The film investigates the journey for satisfaction through the things which give life importance rather than outside appearances. This is a subject just the same as ‘Chocolat’, nearby the languorous shots of new and intriguing foodstuffs, which likewise reverberate the primary film.

  1. Julie & Julia


Starring: Nora Ephron

Ephron’s film traverses two eras. Well known culinary author Julia Child (Meryl Streep) is in 1950s Paris, urgently endeavoring to discover a comment her chance; she finds French cooking and the rest is history. In the mid-2000s, disappointed office specialist Julie (Amy Adams) records her enterprises cooking Child’s dishes alone voyage of self‐discovery. The capricious, confident tone of ‘Chocolat’ is fundamentally the same as ‘Julie and Julia’, just like the obsession with nourishment as a holding and sharing background. As in ‘Chocolat’, the characters experience changes which originate from their adoration for cooking.

  1. Vicki Cristina Barcelona


Starring: Woody Allen

Two companions – one a lost soul (Scarlett Johannson) and one a restless scholarly (Rebecca Hall) leave on an excursion to Barcelona to get themselves. What they find rather is wacky, refined couple Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, whose peculiar relationship they both move toward becoming weaved with. The sentimentalism of southern European culture is evoked with a similar aplomb here as in ‘Chocolat’, however the nation being referred to is Spain instead of France. Idealisations of ‘the great life’ and what that idea implies are additionally investigated.

  1. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


Starring: John Madden

Set in wartime Greece, Penelope Cruz stars as a nearby lady who falls for an Italian fighter (Nicholas Cage) while her life partner is off battling. The film is perfectly shot, with bunches of accentuation on the basic things in life and a down‐to‐earth sensibility in the midst of the disarray of the war. A flawless film, with a lot of tonal similitudes to ‘Chocolat’, in everything from the set‐design to cinematography, and the same, particularly mainland sensibility.

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